A poem i dedicated to ma🖤💕

Aaj bhi tu mujhe yaad aati h

Mere sapno me khushiya tu laati h
Tu mujhe kyu chor k chali gayi hain maa,
Aajao na wapas mere paas, muskhurahat sabki kho se gayi hain.
Socha tha har din jiyungi khushiyo se.
Par ab to n raat sahi se aur na din kahi se.
Jab bhi kabhi maine socha tha.
Reh sa gya wo ek sapna sa.
Milne ko mera jab b man kiya tha.
Sapno pe paani mere bikhar sa gyaa tha
Socha tha ek din ayega
Aane k sath sath khushiya bhi layega.
Jis din mai houngi tmhare sath
Us din Khushi k thikana mere khii reh n jayega.
Jab b kabhi socha tha ki aaogi
Dil me ek asha k geet gaogi
Jab socha tha thamungi tmhara wo haath.
Kaach k seeshe ki trah bikhar gyii wo raat
Jaane k baad tmhare lagta tha mujhe sapna sa
Dukh to hua, gum n gyaa..dil ko laga tha bura sa.
Jab yaad krti hun aaj bhi dil ko choo jata hain..
Jab bhi mera dil tujhe Apne paas nhi pata h.
Ab to bas,
Ek jhoote asha k putle k sath jeee rhi hun.
Kyaa kru, jo sapna tha, sapna hain, wo sapna sa reh gya h….
Miss u mamma!!

A tale from darkness to light!!!!!!

Even there is light in the dark…..we might not see everything that is present but yes we surely see anything that is necessary…. Life is an uncertain package where there are moments when we are extremely very exuberant and there are moments which make us feel down in the dumps….but every memory gives us something that we carry ahead….it may be a blissfull memory or a memory full of sadness….but for sure we learn something…..or say something better….I take life like a game….where there are uncountable levels…. uncountable upto the day we live…..there are some or the other problem that occur every day…  We plan for them…we sort them out and achieve victory over every issue….and then other day awaits for a new problem and this cycle continues every day…. There are times when some moments are extremely dull and dark and when we try remembering them…. everything flashbacks like it all happened yesterday and makes you feel the very same pain…….but yes may be that memory is dark but that dark memory gives you a light in living your life!!!!May be this line doesn’t makes you agee with me but may be my experience will….I was barely 5 years old when i faced such a terrible incident….i was not ready….i was just a small child learning some basics in nursery classes…..i was a small kid playing with dolls and teddies…. laughing with people who laughed and cried with people who cried in front of me….not fully a 5 year old kid…..i saw my mother dieing  painful death….. getting burnt…..no nobody killed her…. she was one of the most loved soul of our house and our colony….but god had different plans for her….An accident took the prettiest soul away…..it was diwali time….where obviously every house has end number of stuffs to do and dishes to prepare….the gas and all the cooking instruments were kept below because 20 of dishes and sweets had to be prepared..her saree caught fire…and she dint realize after all the work she went to room to clean it up….the fire got spread from beds to curtains to sofa like in a sway…..and the fire curbed her within them and she couldn’t fight them even after putting all the strength…..this was sad…. It was painful….to see your mother fully burnt and lieing…..that pain can never ve defined….yes it was painful…for some days…..for some months….for some years….and it is painful till today….but yess i have fought with this pain and found out all the goodies that i could have….my mothers death made me tough…..made me fight all the situation that can ever occur to me or in front of me….made me to love people as much as i can love because i know the pain of losing a love or a hand to bless me….made me to make people feel important because i know the pain when i had no one to listen my cryings….my sorrows never ended but i made a reason to be happy from my sorrows….i made myself that way which i imagined my mother would have taught me….or a daughter which my mother wanted me to be…..I love her and miss her today…i cry at times…..but i wipe my tears up and look at the sky to ask her to smile even….Yes it was dark and dull but there is beauty even in the dark….The sky at night is all black….but there is such a scerene seen and u feel happiness when you look at the sky and feel it.My mamma hasn’t gone anywhere…she is still with me…in my heart and even in my soul….let this smile spread more….let the dark even spread beauty….


Life is an experiencing journey and not the final destination..

Our life just cannot be described by some mere words, it is rather a blend of many emotions. It is a mixture of happiness and sadness, love and hatred, encouragement and decievement, opportunities and threats, success and failure, comfort and pain, joys and sorrows, trusts and cheats, or say from everything you know to you know nothing…yes this is life…a blend, a mixture of all the type of fruity emotions to make some sour,some sweet juicy experiences which every one has to taste!!!

Life is not perfect but yes it is beautiful. It is surely a journey and not the final destination. Every one has to walk this journey to get to their final place but every one does this in a very unique way.. every one find a new path to follow their destination and they walk towards it……

….to be continued!!!!!!